Wes the Warrior!!


Wes is an 11 year old WARRIOR! He has a love for the environment, and a dream of becoming a scientist/marine biologist. Wes was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a very aggressive form of pediatric cancer on June 24, 2011. Whimsy World had the opportunity to hear his story and take a peek at some of his favorite artwork.

1. Please tell us a little about your interests...

I really like video games like role playing and strategy games. I also enjoy learning about World War I and World War II or just about any military history. I enjoy trooping with my 501st legion friends as a biker scout. I like marine biology, learning about sharks, saving animals, etc. I am an advocate for animals, plants, and our environment. I enjoy sketching. In my opinion, I am better at drawing than painting. 


2. What are you currently working on in therapy/treatment? 

Right now I am not undergoing any treatment, just scans and monitoring. Last month I was told I was NED for the 5th time. I still deal with pelvic muscle spasms on a regular basis though. 


3. What does art mean to you? 


Art is something that I can use to calm myself. Other times it's more of a way to just have fun in my free time. 


4. What motivates you to be so incredibly strong?


Mentally or physically? Uhh, you know, my family and encouraging others. Helping people. Life is precious. You have one shot at it. 

5. If you could instill one thing in the heart of another child and family going through a similar experience, what would you share? 

Two of my favorite actors from the show Supernatural have two phrases that have helped me and they are to always keep fighting and that you are not alone. I fought against the odds and I am still here. Never lose hope.