Take a peek inside our current non-profit projects


Whimsy Warriors

Each month a childhood cancer warrior is featured on our website and social media platforms. The child has the opportunity to display their creative work, discuss their inspiration and tell their story. Additionally, we feature memories and stories of children that have gained their wings due to their battle with cancer. One of the great values of art is its capacity to call attention to the patient’s strengths. This project aims to create awareness for childhood cancer and help young patients gain a sense of mastery over troubling events. #WhimsyWarriors



ART for life project

Children battling cancer and life threatening illnesses are forced to change their lives overnight. They suddenly find themselves isolated in a hospital room and attached to beeping medical equipment. The Art for Life project aims to bring creativity and color back into their world. We collaborate with artists to create a unique Art Cart, then fill it with supplies that will keep children engaged, inspired and creative. Each one-of-a-kind Art Cart is donated to Children’s Hospitals. Art therapists, musicians and artist volunteers host Whimsy Workshops to encourage social interaction and creativity. Art Carts are also utilized bedside for children in active treatment. #ArtForLife




project click

See the world through a kids-eye view! Each child will document their world with their own colorful instant camera and create a “CLICKbook” of their artistic work. Children’s Hospitals receive donated instant cameras from Whimsy World for their patients battling life threatening illnesses and disablities. The project aims to support children through the stages of development and tackle the struggles of everyday life. A strong artistic background has been shown to improve areas of learning and academics, and it is a source of empowerment and self-expression.  #ProjectCLICK



Our framework for wellness education include several components. Our Wellness Workshops each feature a speaker or a panel with leading organizations that promote a healthy dialogue between healthcare providers and the people who are living with the condition. Each workshop aims to create a space for patients and families to meet and learn from each other, whether through sharing testimonials, learning of integrative therapies, or sharing a healthy meal. #WhimsyWellness


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WHIMSY studios

Whimsy Studios is a community space that provides support through the Arts + Wellness for youth in Miami. We offer a series of ongoing youth programs including an open studio concept, workshops with collaborating artists, specialty camps, afterschool programs and community outreach  projects. A child's ability to think creatively promotes self-expression, emotional health, mental growth and an appreciation for diversity -- all skills and traits that are vital to overall development and well-being. Whimsy World projects encourage healing through the Arts and connects with kids to unleash that creative spark. We believe in innovation, community, and the power of the Arts! We create tools and spaces that give kids a place create, a place where everything is possible. #WhimsyStudios